Our Dorset cross lamb
May 2, 2009
Juliet's half-brother
Tybalt shows us how well the
bucket feeder works!
Lambs Frolic....
Thorn Apple Acres
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Two weeks on the farm, and Juliet
is already jumping for joy!
(Click on the small picture to see a larger version.)
Maya had a little lamb, little
lamb, little lamb!
What a difference 4 weeks make!
Maya's lambs aren't quite so
little anymore.
Scooter loves to hang out with
Juliet and Tybalt.  5-30-09
Juliet still thinks hair is something
to graze on, especially Scooter's.
Tybalt wishes that Scooter would
play a game of head-butt with him.
Thankfully it doesn't take much
of a fence to keep these lambs
out of the garden.
Tybalt - Jan. 2010
Juliet - Jan. 2010
Phebe - Jan. 2010
Rosa Parks - Jan. 2010
Otto - closeup and standing with our 2 goat bucks
and a dorset ram we used to have. Jan. 2010
And we've added a few new faces, too.