Thorn Apple Acres
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About that Growing Enterprise...
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A farm has to grow things, right?  Well here are a few of the
things we've grown or are growing....
This field of tubes is the start of our "fruit orchard".  Hiding in
the protective tubes are 18 trees... 6 Cortland apple, 6 American
Plum, and 6 Bartlett Pear.  With a little work (OK, a lot), and
with God's help, we should start seeing fruit in about 3 years!
This was our 2009 family "salad garden".  We have different
kinds of spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli,
cauliflower, rutabaga, beets, onions and peppers growing here.  
The fence helps keep Scooter out of the garden.  It's not quite