Some of our beautiful new Red
Sex-link pullets purchased from
NEPPA Hatchery.
<--March 31, 2009 (one day old)      
         One week later-->
Chickens Rule!
(the roost, that is)
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May 15, 2009 - Our first batch of layers are growing by leaps and bounds,
and are now enjoying life in their brand new chicken coop.
At the feeder.
Loving their new roosts.
Their nesting boxes,
recycled from the original
chicken coop on the farm.
Another view of the roosts.
The branches were also recycled from
the original chicken coop.
They love to use
ME as a roost, too!
May 19, 2009 - I finally get brave enough to let the chicks venture outside
(in the safety of their new fenced-in run)!
February 2010 - Our first set of girls continues to provide beautiful, organic,
farm fresh eggs, and a 2nd group of chickens is well on its way to joining in
on the production!  The new girls should start laying eggs at the end of
February or the beginning of March.
We started with our first egg in August 2009... a beautiful, extra large double yolk wonder.  
Now we get an egg from each chicken almost every day!  Our girls never heard that most other
chickens take off at least one day each week.  They even work that hard through the winter!
This is Hoppy, our "house chicken".
She is part of the 2nd brood and
arrived with a splayed leg.  Since she
can't get around as well as the rest
of the bunch (and will have a hard
time scratching in the yard when
spring arrives), she lives in the
luxury of our home now, with
Scooter, the dog.
Some of our 2nd brood.  There
are 24 of them, so many didn't
get into the picture!
Our girls are fed a 100% organic diet, featuring feed from Lakeview Organic Grains,
Penn Yan, NY.
Click here to open the Lakeview Organic Grain web site.
March 1, 2010--- The 2nd group has started laying!  Two of the girls are
producing cute little bantam sized eggs.  I'm sure they'll get bigger as the
chickens do.  We now refer to the chickens as Alpha House and Beta House.
March 21, 2010--- Beta House is really ramping up, now!  I collected 18
eggs from the news girls yesterday.  Not too long before they'll all be laying,
I'm sure.  With this added boom of egg production, we now have eggs
available for sale at the farm!
An early spring has the
Alpha house girls happily
enjoying the outdoors
again.  The grass is barely
there, but they're finding
it! (and lots of yummy
bugs, too)