In our Spare Time...
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Maya and Scooter really enjoyed our first
attempts at Maple Sugaring.  We had the
simplest of set-ups, but managed to make
almost 2 gallons of syrup, plus some candy.  
Not bad for only working on a few weekends!
Not that there really IS spare time on a farm, but many of the activities we do
here FEEL like spare-time activities, because they're so much fun to us!
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Having Scooter around the farm is so
much fun, we decided to take in
another pound pup to add to the fun.  
Zorro (so named because he looks like a
white fox) stopped at the farm for a visit
on March 22nd.  We had him taken to
the Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter to
try to find his owners.  No success,
unfortunately... or fortunately!  Because
on April 3rd, he came home with us!