Updated 09/09/16... New Fiber In Stock!  Yarns & Roving have arrived from the mill, and are ready
for sale.  Plus... a new "Shop" feature has been added to the site!

What's new in the market....

CRIAS! - We currently have 2 crias available for sale... a white male, and a brown female.  Use the "Contact Us" link to

Dairy Goats...
KIDS! - We currently have 4 goat kids available for sale... 3 males and 1 female.  Use the "Contact Us" link to inquire.

Organic chicken eggs - large brown eggs from our pasture raised, free range chickens.  No drugs, only all organic feed
and good pasture eating for these girls!  
      $3.50/dozen, $2.00/half dozen
Organic Quail eggs - extra small speckled eggs from our Coturnix Quail, Lucy.  All organic feed, no drugs of any
kind.  Please call ahead, or use the "Contact Us" link.  
       $4.00/dozen, $2.25/half dozen
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Latest update - September 9, 2016
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